Year A  2020                        


Wed 1st  Jan                  W         NO Mass

Sun 5th Jan                  W         Epiphany                                

Wed 8th Jan                  G         Healing Mass

Sun 12th Jan                 W         Baptism of Jesus

Wed 15th Jan                 G         Jesus Mas       

Sun 19th Jan                 G         OS 2 A                                    

Mon 20th Jan                 W         6pm 10th Ann of Mathes in Essendon             7pm Dinner

Tues 21st Jan                            Op Shop Opens for 2020

Wed 22nd Jan                G         Christ Church Mass

Wed 22nd Jan                            Messy Church Leaders meeting

Sun 26th Jan                 G         OS 3 A    Australia Day 

Wed 29th Jan                 G         Taize Mass

Sun 2nd Feb                  W         Candlemass                                                              

Sun 2nd Feb                              12n Parish Picnic

Sun 2nd Feb                              4pm Messy Church

 Tues 4th Feb                              Craft start & Committee meeting

Wed 5th Feb                  G         Healing Mass

Thurs 6th Feb                            Coburg Deanery

Sun 9th Feb                  G         OS 5 A

Wed 12th Feb                G         Jesus Mass

Sun 16th Feb                G         OS 6 A                                    

Sun 16th Feb                            Parish Council

Sun 16th Feb                            Families@4

Tues 18th Feb                            7pm Men@Leisure

Wed 19th Feb                G         Christ Church Mass

Fri 21st Feb                               9am Violence against Women Workshop at Essendon

Sun 23rd Feb                G         Lammas Feast (OS 7) 

Sun 23rd Feb                            Ladies@Leisure

Tues 25th Feb                            6pm Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day

Wed 26th Feb                V          Ash Wednesday 10am & 7pm

Wed 26th Feb                            11am Pilgrim Course S1

Thurs 27th Feb                           7.30pm Pilgrim Course S1

Fri 28th Feb                               6pm Children & Family Night

Sun 1st March              V          Lent 1 

Sun 1st March                          4pm Messy Church

Wed 4th March              V          Healing Mass

Wed 4th March                          11am Pilgrim Course S2

Wed 4th March                          4.15pm Op Shop Information Afternoon

Thurs 5th March                         Coburg Deanery

Thurs 5th March                         7.30pm Pilgrim Course S2

Sun 8th March              V          Lent 2 A

Wed 11th March             W         Jesus Mass

Wed 11th March                         11am Pilgrim Course S3

Thurs 12th March                       7.30pm Pilgrim Course S3

Sun 15th March            V          Lent 3 A

Sun 15th March                        Wardens Meeting

Sun 15th March                        Families@4

Mon 16th March                         9am Op Shop Committee

Tues 17th March                        7pm Men@Leisure

Wed 18th March             V          Christ Church Mass

Wed 18th March                         11am Pilgrim Course S4

Thurs 19th March                       7.30pm Pilgrim Course S4

Sat 21st March                           10am Lenten Quiet Day

Sun 22nd March            V          Lent 4 A

Wed 25th March             W         The Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Wed 25th March                         11am Pilgrim Course S5

Thurs 26th March                       7.30pm Pilgrim Course S5

Sun 29th March             V          Lent 5 A

Sun 29th March                        Ladies@Leisure

Wed 1st April                 V          Healing Mass

Wed 1st April                             11am Pilgrim Course S6

Thurs 2nd April                           NO Coburg Deanery

Thurs 2nd April                           7.30pm Pilgrim Course S6

Fri 3rd April                                Fold Palm Crosses

Sun 5th April                R          Palm Sunday  

Sun 5th April                            NO Messy Church

Sun 5th April                            7pm Stations of the Cross                  

Wed 8th April                 V          Requiem Mass

Thurs 9th  April             W         Maundy Thursday       

Fri  10th April                R          Good Friday

Sat 11th April               W         Easter Vigil     

Sun 12th  April              W         Easter Sunday

Wed 15th April               W         Christ Church Mass

Sun 19th April               W         Easter 1 A

Sun 19th April                           Parish Council

Tues 21st April                           7pm Men@Leisure

Wed 22nd April               W         Christ Church Mass

Sat 25th April                 R          9am      ANZAC Day Mass

Sun 26th April               W         Easter 2          

Sun 26th April                           Ladies@Leisure

Wed 29th April               W         Taize Mass      

Sun 3rd  May                W         Easter 3

Sun 3rd May                             4pm Messy Church

Tues 5th May                             11am Area Deans Meeting @ Cathedral

Wed 6th May                 W         St John the Apostle

Thurs 7th May                            Coburg Deanery

Friday 8th May               W         6pm Eucharist      100th Anniversary of current church

Sun 10th  May               W         Easter 4    100th Anniversary of current church 

Wed 13th May                W         Healing Mass

Sunday 17th May          W         Easter 5          

Sun 17th May                            Wardens Meeting

Sun 17th May                            4pm Familes@4

Mon 18th May                            9am Op Shop Committee

Tues 19th May                           7pm Men@Leisure

Wed 20th May                W         Jesus Mass

Thurs 21st May                          12 noon Thy Kingdom Come Midday prayers

Fri 22nd May                              12 noon Thy Kingdom Come Midday prayers

Sat 23rd May                             12 noon Thy Kingdom Come Midday prayers

Sunday 24th May          W         Ascension      

Sun 24th May                            12 noon Thy Kingdom Come Midday prayers

Mon 25th May                            12 noon Thy Kingdom Come Midday prayers

Tues 26th May                           12 noon Thy Kingdom Come Midday prayers

Wed 27th May                G         Christ Church Mass

Wed 27th May                            12 noon Thy Kingdom Come Midday prayers

Thurs 28th May                         12 noon Thy Kingdom Come Midday prayers

Fri 29th May                               12 noon Thy Kingdom Come Midday prayers

Fri 29th May                               7pm EssACC Dinner

Sat 30th May                             12 noon Thy Kingdom Come Midday prayers

Sunday 31st May          R          Pentecost                   

Sun 31st May                            Ladies@Leisure

Sun 31st May                            12 noon Thy Kingdom Come Midday prayers

Wed 3rd  June               G         Healing Mass

Thurs 4th June                           Coburg Deanery

Sunday 7th June           W         Trinity Sunday

Sun 7th June                            4pm Messy Church

Wed 10th June               G         Jesus Mass

Sunday 14th June         W         Corpus Christi

Wed 17th June               G         Christ Church Mass

Sat 20th June                             6pm Curry Night

Sunday 21st June         G         OS 12              

Sun 21st June                           Parish Council

Sun 21st June                           Families@4

Wed 24th June               W         Birth of John the Baptist

Fri 26th June                              Children & Family Film Night

Sunday 28th June         G         OS 13              

Sun 28th June                           Ladies@Leisure

Wed 1st July                  G         Healing Mass

Thurs 2nd July                            Coburg Deanery

Sunday 5th July            G         OS 14  

Sun 5th July                             4pm Messy Church

Wed 8th July                  G         Jesus Mass

Fri 10th July                               7pm FJ Roast

Sunday 12th July          G         OS 15    

Wed 15th  July               G         Christ Church Mass

Sunday 19th July          G         OS 16  

Sun 19th July                            Wardens Meeting

Sun 19th July                            4pm Families@4

Mon 20th July                            9am Op Shop Committee

Wed 22nd July               W         Mary Magdalene

Thurs 23rd June                         7pm EssACC Bowls Night

Sunday 26th July          G         OS 17  

Sun 26th July                            Ladies@Leisure

Wed 29th July                VorW    Requiem Mass

Sunday 2nd August      G         OS 18  

Sun 2nd August                        4pm Messy Church

Wed 5th Aug                  G         Healing Mass   

Thurs 6th Aug                            Coburg Deanery

Sunday 9th  Aug           G         OS 19  

Wed 12th Aug                G         Jesus Mass

Sunday 16th Aug          G         OS 20

Sun 16th Aug                            Parish Council

Sun 16th Aug                            Families@4

Tues 18th Aug                           7pm Men@Leisure

Wed 19th Aug                G         Christ Church Mass

Sunday 23rd Aug         G         Founders Day (OS 21)

                                    130th Ann of original church   Spit roast luncheon

Wed 26th Aug                G         Taize Mass

Sun 30th Aug                G         OS 22

Sun 30th Aug                            Ladies@Leisure

Mon 31st Aug                             Op Shop High Tea

Tues 1st Sept                             Area Deans Meeting

Wed 2nd Sept                G         Healing Mass

Thurs 3rd Sept                           Coburg Deanery

Sunday 6th Sept          R          Martyrs of PNG (OS23A)         

Sun 6th Sept                             4pm Messy Church

Wed 9th Sept                 G         Jesus Mass

Wed 9th Sept                             Diocesan Conference 2020

Thurs 10th Sept                         Diocesan Conference 2020

Fri 11th Sept                              Diocesan Conference 2020

Sunday 13th Sept         G         OS 24  

Tues 15th Sept                           7pm Men@Leisure

Wed 16th Sept               G         Christ Church Mass

Sunday 20th Sept        G         OS 25  

Sun 20th Sept                           Wardens Meeting

Sun 20th Sept                           4pm Families@4

Mon 21st Sept                            9am Op Shop Committee

Wed 23rd Sept               G         Christ Church Mass

Sunday 27th Sept         W         St Michael & all Angels

Sun 27th September                 Ladies@Leisure

Wed 30th Sept               G         Taize Mass

Thurs 1st Oct                             Coburg Deanery

Sunday 4th Oct             G         OS 27  

Sun 4th Oct                              4pm Messy Church

Wed 7th Oct                  G         Healing Mass

Sunday 11th Oct           G         OS 28  

Wed 14th Oct                 W         Jesus Mass

Wed 14th Oct                             7pm Synod

Thurs 15th Oct                           7pm Synod

Fri 16th Oct                                7pm Synod

Sat 17th Oct                              10am Synod

Sunday 18th  Oct          R          St Luke

Sun 18th Oct                             Parish Council

Sun 18th Oct                             Families@4

Tues 20th Oct                            7pm Men@Leisure

Wed 21st Oct                 G         Christ Church Mass

Sunday 25th Oct           G         OS 30  

Sun 25th Oct                             Ladies@Leisure

Sun 25th Oct                             Children & Family & Pets Picnic

Mon 26th Oct                 G         Op Shop Mass & AGM

Wed 28th Oct                 R          St Simon & St Jude – Apostles

Sunday 1st Nov            W         All Saints        

Sun 1st Nov                              4pm Messy Church

Wed 4th Nov                  WorV    All Souls     Requiem Mass 

Thurs 5th Nov                            Coburg Deanery

Sunday 8th Nov            G         OS 32

Sun 8th Nov                              5pm EssACC Evensong (Remembrance Day)

Wed 11th Nov                R          11am Remembrance Day Mass (no 10am Mass)

Sunday 15th Nov          G         OS 33

Sun 15th Nov                            4pm Families@4

Mon 16th Nov                            9am Op Shop Committee

Tues 17th Nov                           7pm Men@Leisure

Wed 18th Nov                W         Jesus Mass

Thurs 19th Nov                          Area Deans & Archdeacons Meeting

Thurs 19th Nov                          EssACC Planning Night (Aberfeldie)

Sunday 22nd Nov          W         Christ the King           

                                                Parish AGM & Luncheon           

Wed 25th Nov                G         Christ Church Mas

Sunday 29th Nov          V          Advent 1 B

Wed 2nd Dec                 V          Healing Mass

Thurs 3rd Dec                            Coburg Deanery

Sunday 6th Dec             V          Advent 2 B

Sun 6th Dec                              4pm Messy Church

Tues 8th Dec                             7pm Men@Leisure

Wed 9th Dec                  V          Jesus Mass

Sunday 13th Dec          V          Advent 3 B

Sun 13th Dec                            Parish Council

Wed 16th Dec                V          Christ Church Mass

Sat 19th Dec                              Op Shop Closes for Christmas

Sunday 20th Dec          V          Advent 4 B

Sun 20th Dec                            5pm Parish BBQ

Sun 20th Dec                            7pm 9 Lessons & Carol Service

Wednesday 23rd Dec     V          Christ Church Mass

Thursday 24th Dec       W         Christmas Eve

Friday 25th Dec             W         Christmas Day

Sunday 27th  Dec          W         Holy Family   

Wednesday 30th Dec     W         No Wednesday Mass