Friday 3rd February 7.30pm BBQ & film night – on deck and garden

Sunday 5th February 12n parish picnic after church

Monday 6th February 9am Op Shop Committee

Tuesday 7th February 7pm Men@Leisure Mamma Lina’s 257 Keilor Rd Essendon

Wednesday 8th February 4pm Op Shop Information Afternoon

Thursday 9th February Home Communions (SH)

Sunday 12th February Lammas feast (harvest festival) – bread, jam & cream
Sunday 12th February 11.30am Parish Council
Sunday 12th February Messy Church – Who is Jesus??

Wednesday 22nd February Nursing Home Service

Thursday 23rd February Home Communions (SM)

Sunday 26th February 11.15am Ladies @ Leisure – Lunch & Moonee Valley Festival

Tuesday 28th February 6pm Shrove Tuesday pancake night

Wednesday 1st March Ash Wednesday 10am & 7pm Eucharist

Friday 3rd March 7.30pm NO film Night

Thursday 9th March Home Communions (SH)

Sunday 12th March Messy Church – Pets & Peace

Tuesday 14th March 7pm Men@Leisure Siam Flavour 283 Napier St Strathmore

Sunday 19th March 11.30am Wardens Meeting (note 3rd sun due to Labour day long weekend)

Wednesday 22nd March Nursing Home Services

Thursday 23rd March Home Communions (SM)

Sunday 26th March Lent 4 & Mothering Sunday (simnal cake & flowers)
11.15am Ladies @ Leisure – Lunch & cruise up Yarra

Friday 7th April 2pm Folding Palm Crosses
Friday 7th April 7.30pm Film Night

Saturday 8th April 9.30am Op Shop Book fair

Sunday 9th April Passion / Palm Sunday & beginning of holy week
8am Eucharist & blessing of palm crosses
9.30am sung Eucharist & blessing of palm crosses

Sunday 9th April 11.30am Parish Council
Sunday 9th April Messy Church – Messy Easter
Sunday 9th April 7pm Stations of the Cross

Tuesday 11th April 7pm Men@Leisure Ameer Tandori 15 Leak St Essendon

Wednesday 12th April 10am Requiem Mass in the memorial garden

Thursday 13th April Home Communions (SH)

Thursday 13th April Maundy Thursday
8pm sung Eucharist of the lord’s supper, foot washing & striping of the altar.
prayer vigil until 11pm – the watch of the passion

Friday 14th April Good Friday
9.30am liturgy of the passion & proclamation of the cross

Saturday 15th April Easter Vigil
8pm Eucharist of the resurrection

Sunday 16th April Easter Sunday
8am Eucharist of the resurrection
9.30am sung Eucharist of the resurrection

Sunday 23rd April 11.15am Ladies @ Leisure – Quilters Convention

Monday 24th April 9am Op Shop Committee

Tuesday 25th April 9am ANZAC Day Mass

Wednesday 26th April Nursing Home Services

Thursday 27th April Home Communions (SM / FJ)

Friday 5th May 7.30pm Film Night

Sunday 7th May Messy Church – Jesus in the Temple

Tuesday 9th May 7pm Men@Leisure Croation Food Night

Thursday 11th May Home Communions (SH)

Friday 19th May Essacc dinner 6.30pm (Strathmore organizing)

Sunday 21st May 11.30am Wardens Meeting (note 3rd Sunday due to Mothers Day)

Wednesday 24th May Nursing Home Services

Thursday 25th May Home Communions (SM)

Saturday 27th May Casserole Tea in Hall

Sunday 28th May 11.30am Ladies @ Leisure – High Tea @ Hotel Lindrum

Friday 2nd June 7.30pm Film Night

Sunday 4th June Pentecost

Thursday 8th June Home Communions (SH)

Sunday 11th June Messy Church – Love your world

Tuesday 13th June 7pm Men@Leisure Doutta Gala Hotel 339 Racecourse Rd Flemington

Saturday 17th June Op Shop Fashion Parade

Sunday 18th June 11.30am Parish Council (note 3rd Sunday due to Queens birthday weekend)

Monday 19th June 9am Op Shop Committee

Thursday 22nd June Home Communions (SM)

Sunday 25th June 1.30pm Ladies @ Leisure – Flicks & afternoon tea

Wednesday 28th June Nursing Home Services

Saturday 1st July Indian / Sri Lankan Night

Friday 7th July 7.30pm Film Night

Sunday 9th July 11.30am Wardens meeting
Sunday 9th July Messy Church – Journey

Thursday 13th July Home Communions (SH)

Friday 14th July 7pm FJ Roast Parish Hall

Wednesday 26th July Requiem Mass
Wednesday 26th July Nursing Home Services

Thursday 27th July Home Communions (SM)

Sunday 30th July Ladies @ Leisure – Program to be confirmed

Friday 4th August 7.30pm Film Night

Thursday 10th August Home Communions (SH)

Saturday 12th August 9am Men@Leisure Breakfast @Matte Black 1071 Mt Alexander Rd Essendon

Sunday 13th August 11.30am Parish Council
Sunday 13th August Messy Church – Ruth

Sunday 20th August Founders’ Day (OS 21) – spit roast dinner

Monday 21st August 9am Op Shop Committee

Wednesday 23rd August Nursing Home Services

Thursday 24th August Home Communions (SM)

Sunday 27th August 11.30am Ladies @ Leisure – Lunch @ Kent Hotel

Monday 28th August 11am Op Shop High Tea

Friday 1st September 7.30pm Film Night

Sunday 10th September 11.30am Wardens meeting
Sunday 10th September Messy Church – Hannah

Tuesday 12th September 7pm Men@Leisure Il Parco 1116 Mt Alexander Rd Essendon

Thursday 14th September Home Communions (SH)

Sunday 24th September Ladies @ Leisure – Melbourne Show after 8am service
Sunday 24th September Essacc service – 5pm Essacc service Aberfeldie
6pm meal – soup & crustie bread

Wednesday 27th September Nursing Home Services

Thursday 28th September Home Communions (SM)

Friday 6th October 7.30pm Film Night

Sunday 8th October 11.30am Parish Council
Sunday 8th October Messy Church – Moses

Tuesday 10th October 7pm Men@Leisure Spinella’s Italian 14Pratt Street Moonee Ponds

Thursday 12th October Home Communions (SH)

Monday 23rd October Op Shop AGM

Wednesday 25th October Nursing Home Services

Thursday 26th October Home Communions (SM)

Sunday 29th October Ladies @ Leisure – Lunch Pounton’s nursery

Wednesday 1st November All Souls Requiem Mass

Friday 3rd November 7.30pm Film Night

Sunday 5th November All Saints Day

Thursday 9th November Home Communions (SH)

Saturday 11th November 11am Remembrance Day Mass

Sunday 12th November Messy Church – Joshua

Tuesday 14th November 7pm Men@Leisure Franks Ristorante 324 Keilor Rd Niddrie

Sunday 19th November 11.30am Wardens Meeting (note 3rd Sunday – Sunday before annual meeting)

Wednesday 22nd November Nursing Home Services

Thursday 23rd November Home Communions (SM)

Sunday 26th November 10.45am Christ the King / Annual Meeting & parish dinner (restaurant)

Monday 27th November 9am Op Shop Committee

Friday 1st December 7.30pm Film Night

Saturday 2nd December Op Shop Book Fair

Sunday 3rd December Advent 1 B

Sunday 10th December 11.30am Parish Council
Sunday 10th December Messy Church – Messy Christmas

Tuesday 12th December 7pm Men@Leisure The Linc 1 Keilor Rd Essendon

Thursday 14th December Home Communions (SH)

Sunday 17th December 5pm BBQ 7pm 9 lessons & carols Advent 3
church to supply meat / parishioner’s salad or desert

Wednesday 20th December Nursing Home Services (3rd Wednesday)

Thursday 21st December Home Communions (SM / FJ) (3rd Wednesday)

Thursday 21st December Op Shop close for Christmas

Sunday 24th December Advent 4 8am & 9.30am
Sunday 24th December Christmas Eve 11pm Midnight Mass

Monday 25th December Christmas Day 9am