Fresh Expressions


Fresh Expressions encourages new forms of doing church for a fast changing world.
It is about connecting with the lapsed and unchurched whilst also working alongside more traditional forms of worship.  It is about building up the mission of the church.

Messy Church (see Messy Church page) and Friends @ Leisure (see more info below) are part of our Fresh Expressions program – we are exploring other ideas…

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Our Mission Action Plan is a little different to other plans in that it is in three parts and is called therefore a PARISH  STRATEGIC PLAN

Part 1 is a PARISH MISSION ACTION PLAN—Creating a healthy Church and developing a Mission Action Plan  2019—2023

Part 2 is a CHILDREN & FAMILY MISSION PLAN—Supporting children & families 2019 – 2023

Part 3 is a BUILDINGS & MAINTENANCE STRATEGY—Keeping Church buildings safe and maintained 2019–2023

This Strategic Plan was unanimously agreed to at the Anglican Parish of Christ Church Essendon Parish Council on Sunday 17th February 2019

Below is a copy of our Parish Strategic Plan to download



Our Mission Action Plan adopted in June 2015 states under the section of Pastoral Care— How can we care for each other? Pastoral care is all endeavours undertaken by Anglicans that involve the practical gospel command to love.  It is about how we care for each other. One of the goals and actions is to explore a mentor / buddy system for all parishioners. We are calling the program friends@leisure

Friends@Leisure is a planned, effective, flexible way of providing responsive, non-threatening and informal care of each other within the church family. It is like the school buddy system where each family has a pastoral partner who looks out for them. It is kept simple but meaningful. In many cases it will involve little more than a brief acknowledgement before or after worship, or a telephone call weekly to keep in contact. At other times it may require caring and down to earth support in difficult times.

Friends@Leisure is a procedure in which two people, the friends, operate together as a single unit so that they are able to monitor, care, guide and help each other. The Friend@Leisure is a friend not a babysitter, or a teacher, or a parent. The Friend may be like a brother or sister or best friend but does not act in an authority role. Acceptance and a non judgmental attitude is important along with the need to treat the other person with dignity and respect. Confidentiality in conversations is also essential.

Friends need to see this ministry as a service to Christ and look for opportunities to meet various physical, social and  spiritual needs of the other  person.  Friends also need to consider themselves on a path to learning and look for things that they can learn from each other.