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 Please pray for an end to the Covid 19 Pandemic.


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Welcome to the web page of the Anglican Parish of Christ Church, Essendon, in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

We are a traditional Anglo-Catholic Parish.

We are a growing, friendly church who welcomes all.

We are multi-cultural and inclusive

We are wheel chair friendly. 

In 2020 we celebrated 130 years of worshipping God in this community

In 2020 we celebrated 130 years of supporting the local community of Essendon

In 2020 our original church turned 130 years old

In 2020 our current church turned 100 years old 

Easter is not just one day, it is not even just the school holidays: Easter is a Season. We continue the Easter Season until the Feast of Pentecost. To help in comprehending Easter, take time to explore three gardens we see in the Bible. We find the first, what has become known as the Garden of Eden, at the very beginning, Genesis chapter 1 and following. It is the scene for the creation narratives. This begins as an idyllic garden where humanity is at one with God, with each other, and with the whole creation. Sadly, catastrophically, through the self-centred exercise of free-will, all this is destroyed. Humankind is ejected from that garden; intimate, personal, familial relationship with God is interrupted; and harmonious human relationships end. We see a bleak and dismal outcome; a betrayal of all that had been given as a gift from God.

The second garden is one just outside Jerusalem. It is known as the garden of Gethsemane. This is the scene for the betrayal of Jesus into the hands of those bent on destroying him. This scene may be the pinnacle of the effects of what happened in the first garden. Having just lived again the Easter events, you will be very familiar with this garden, and it will be fresh in your mind. Here Jesus withdrew with his inner circle of disciples when they finished ‘the last supper’. Jesus prayed there and waited, knowing within himself what was about to happen. We also know what happened, but through hindsight. This garden was another battle ground of free will. Jesus prayed for ‘this cup’, these imminent events, to be taken from him, and for him to be relieved of them. Then in the ultimate example self-surrender to God, the appropriate use of free will, he prayed: ‘nevertheless, not my will but yours be done.’

Soon after, they leave that second garden and false evidence, mock trials, barbaric treatment, and a pitiless death for Jesus by crucifixion ensue.

The third garden is the one we entered on Easter morning, the scene of the tomb where Jesus was buried. Let’s call it ‘tomb garden’. We have various details of this in the Gospels. Here is revealed the reversal of the breakdowns seen in the first garden. Here we see the beauty of free will surrendered to God and God’s purposes. Here we glimpse victory over sin, death, and all that is against God. All this is achieved by Jesus being raised from the dead by the power of God the Father.

Through Jesus, is the way back to the Father, relationship is restored; the divide is bridged; the wound is healed; the lost is found. ‘What’s mine is yours’ he seems to be saying.

We can see the journey through life typified in these three gardens. Eden Garden, Gethsemane Garden, and Tomb Garden.

Eden Garden: this is the garden wherein all that God made beautiful was destroyed and lost through self-will, arrogance against the purposes of God.

Gethsemane Garden: this is the garden wherein all that was destroyed and lost, God redeemed, restored by Jesus’ self-surrender to the purposes of God.

Tomb Garden: this is the garden wherein, by faith we dwell today, being made beautiful in the eyes of the Lord, living in the risen life of Jesus, in keeping with the purposes of God.

This can happen in many ways but none more familiar and more readily available than encountering him, by faith, in the sacrament of bread and wine, his body and his blood, broken and shed so that the trauma of the first garden and the agony of the second garden recede in the dawning resurrection-revealing light of the third garden. Please ensure you don’t neglect the Sacrament.

Also, keep prayer alive daily. I provide here a copy of a wonderful prayer of Richard of Chichester. Why not memorise it for frequent use? I have changed the wording slightly to singular ‘me/I’ rather than plural ‘us/we’ to make it more individual and personal. Make it your own, as we continue to live the benefits of Easter.

Thanks be to you, our Lord Jesus Christ, for all the benefits which you have given me, for all the pains and insults which you have borne for me. Most merciful Redeemer, Friend and Brother, may I know you more clearly, love you more dearly, and follow you more nearly, day by day. Amen.


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Fr John has retired from the Parish as of the beginning of February 2021.

Bishop Paul White is the Locum Priest.  Bishop Paul can be contacted on  (03)9379 2770 or 0412 681 062  or


Fr John formed a Covid 19 committee made up of Bill Howard and Margaret Elsey to look at what the Diocese, Health Department and Work Safe are saying. Policies and plans for re-opening of the Church, Op Shop, hire of hall and children’s ministry are in place with permission from the Diocese Parish Council. To re-open we need to implement these polices with the Government approval. Please be aware there is a lot of work happening behind the scenes working towards a safe reopening.


The Government and Diocese are changing the rules on a regular basis and it is difficult to keep up – here is latest update

Sunday Eucharists are 8am and 9.30am

These services will be following COVID-19safe procedures recommended by the Health Department and Diocese. Check-in is mandatory.

Wednesday Eucharist is still 10am

During January and February 2019 the Parish discussed at great length strategies and directions for the next 5 years. A copy of the Strategic Plan is found on the FRESH EXPRESSIONS PAGE
Check out our Children’s page for our policy on our “Child Safe organisation policy”



We are disciples of Jesus who are seeking to love God, and our neighbour.

We are committed to being God focussed,  Jesus centred and Spirit led.

We are determined to build up the Kingdom of God and renew our Church.


 We commit ourselves:
To listen to God.
To be nourished by God’s word and sacraments.
To meet together to pray and worship   God.
To use the gifts God has given us.
To explore our faith and spirituality.
To link into and serve the local community.
To  continue to strengthen and build up our Church.
To care for our environment.
To care for those in need.
To support family life.


9.30am SUNDAY SUNG EUCHARIST followed by morning tea


The Parish Priest, is available for baptisms,  weddings, confession and other services by appointment