Our Mission

Anglican Parish of Christ Church Essendon

Mission Statement                                                                                                                 

  • We are disciples of Jesus who are seeking to love God, and our neighbour.
  • We are committed to being God focussed, Jesus centred, and Spirit led.
  • We are determined to build up the Kingdom of God and renew our Church.

Vision Statement 

We are commited to:

  1. To listen to God.
  2. To be nourished by God’s word and sacraments.
  3. To meet together to pray and worship   God.
  4. To use the gifts God has given us.
  5. To explore our faith and spirituality.
  6. To link into and serve the local community.
  7. To continue to strengthen and build up our Church.
  8. To care for our environment.
  9. To care for those in need.
  10. To support family life.